SMART Education Consultant

A SMART Certified Education Consultant is a highly-qualified teacher and trainer offering solutions and consultation to help educators and administrators understand and put into practice the benefits of SMART products.  As a SMART Education Consultant, I provide training, professional development (face-to-face and online) and general edtech guidance and long range plans.  My goal is to help you use what you already have or assist you in finding technology solutions that would help improve both teaching and learning for teachers and students.


Professional Development Learning Series

At Blended Tech Learning we pride ourselves on providing you with high-quality training and professional development.  We have an array of professional development and training offerings using SMART’s technology solutions to help teachers, administrators, and technology trainers continue their professional learning and growth.

Our approach to professional development is to collaborate with you to create a customized plan that would cater to all of your learners and the needs of your school.  We have over 10 years teaching experience using SMART products as well as training others to integrate SMART Technologies in their K-12 classrooms.  In addition to our on-site, hands-on training, we can provide training materials, video tutorials, and training via SMART Bridgit conferencing software if needed.  These workshops listed below can all be customized for you school.

SMART Notebook
Beginning with basic usage of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to helping you use SMART Notebook collaboration software:
Level 1 training and Level 2 training

SMART Lesson Development
Helping educators create and deliver lessons that will inspire learning and active involvement for all learners.

SMART Response
SMART Response interactive response system for classrooms to assist educators in developing a differentiated-learning environment and gaining assessment data quickly, while holding learners accountable.


A sample of specific workshop offerings
Synthesizing Your Technology Rich Classroom (All SMART software and hardware)
Making Maths Interactive (SMART Math Tools)
Optimizing Interactivity with your SMARTBoard (Advanced Smart Notebook)
Differentiated-Instruction and Assessment (SMART Response)



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