St. Thomas More School

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit St. Thomas More School in Chapel Hill, NC.  Xerox AudioVisual contracted with me to provide a training session for them.  After having some discussions with the principal, Sister Catherine Fee, I conducted a survey for the staff to get a better idea of how they were using their new SMART boards (installed at the beginning of the school year) and what they wanted to learn to help them be better teachers and provide better learning situations for  their K-8 students.  After seeing the results, I talked to Sister Catherine again and explained what my approach would be based on the data I got back from the staff.  She shared her goals and expectations so that I could a create a successful two-hour staff development session for them that would leave them energized and excited, wanting to learn more.

just got a note from the Xerox representative with a quote from Sister Catherine, Principal, St. Thomas More School about the staff development.

“It was the best training yet!  We loved it!”


Thanks for the opportunity!


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