Current Events: Inquiring Minds and Teachable Moments

Current events/disasters such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the flooding in Nashville are teachable moments for us.  We watch, follow the daily reporting, and try to make sense of it.  Then we start to question.  We look at our students and ask for their thoughts.  A conversation has started.  They want to know; they have the desire to know; they are thirsty.  What do we do?…

We teach.  We help students find answers and facilitate their inquiries to open their learning for more questions and more answers.  How we do that, the capacity at which we learn and teach and the rate in which we can do that has changed.  When we go forth and start teaching and learning about events such as these, we still need to have in mind the outcome for our students.

Possible ways you can explore current events with students.

  • Perspective – teach students about how the information is being presented, written, shown, talked about and research what information or what side/slant is not being presented.
  • Location, Location, Location – explore with students the mere fact of the locations of these events and the probability of these events and/or the causes of these events.
  • Effects – What now?  What does this mean? How I am effected? Others? What will happen because of this event?
  • Service – What can you do about this?  How can you share your knowledge with others?  Can you make change?

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