Role Playing in a Virtual World to Learn:Second SchooLife

Kids love to play and pretend.  They love to talk, post messages or text each other about their interests, ideas, etc.  Now, imagine you tell them they get to do all of that at school when they assume the role of a famous person in history or a math concept such as addition, or take on the role the sun or an electron.  Not only do they have to think about what they say from another perspective, they have to listen to what others say and realize how they should talk or not talk to the other role players.  You can do this several ways, but the best way to sustain this conversation in controlled-environment and also allow multimedia woven into the mix is GlogsterEdu (login info).  I have made an intro to this activity below. Those of you who know SecondLife, know of the benefits it has in education; this is just another way to get students thinking about what they learn in deeper ways.


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