I wonder…

My mind has been racing these days with so many things. I’m not sure where I am headed or where I am now in providing the best integration of technology for teachers. As we close towards the end of the year many teachers are doing projects to celebrate their kids. Yes, it’s great they’re are using technology! They are making their slide shows, photo stories, animotos, and more. I believe this is what they are most comfortable with and they can do it quickly. Kudos to them, but they can take it to the next level by allowing students in the process and not always having technology be the end product. In speaking with a colleague the other week, we discussed design and how much content and learning is lost because teachers are not trained or even talked to about design and the impact that plays on learning. Do I do that training? If so, when? How is it going to be ingrained in their minds so they practice it regularly?

I have two schools that seem to want to make the leap with technology, yet the culture or shift in thinking is not there to really make it effective. Should I concentrate on small things, like helping a teacher create a lesson or use a new web2.0 tool? Or do something big? Do I just write “THE MANUAL” of how to totally integrate technology in the elementary classroom. Now I know there is no manual and each teacher, school, and set of students are different, but seriously it is going to take a big change, a paradigm shift.

I wonder if the technology integration is just thrown in here and there, is it effective or is it just fluff? Does it really take a full embrace to reap the benefits? We have a long way to go..


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