Yes, it is as easy as 1,2,3,  Animoto.  Animoto is a storytelling web application that allows the user to load pictures, add text for titles, add music to create a vibrant, dynamic photo story.  You can select your own music (Be copyright saavy!) or they have a large selection across genres.   I have used animoto in the past and have been pleased with the outcomes, but now they have an educator account (six months of free 30 sec. and free full-length animotos) that allows teachers to load pictures to make full-length stories as opposed to the free 30-second short.  Really, the 30-second short amounts to about 6-7 photos and 22 seconds without titles and animoto logos.  The full-length stories may take longer to load and create, but it’s amazing how much can be done in the few easy steps.  Here is what an art teacher and I worked on for her Georgia O’Keefe flower art.  We simply took these steps:

1.Took pictures of the final student products
2. Signed in at Animoto under our account
3. Uploaded the IMAGES/pictures at once (nice feature!)
4. Rearranged the pictures by sliding them around (Animoto has step-by-step instructions/guide on site)
5. Selected our MUSIC.  Confirmed our choice by listening to the song.
6. Finalized my VIDEO by selecting short or full-length, producer info, title info, etc.

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