Middle Man



I have come to the realization that I am a middle man.  In education there is a great divide between educators who provide the technology ideas, philosophies, and tools (Movers and Shakers) and the teachers who use them (Testers).  I am the bridge between these two groups.  On one hand I need to know enough about what is going on with the Movers and Shakers without being one (Wanna be?) and on the other I need to take the information I have gained and help the Testers implement these ideas in their teaching.  A mere Tester doesn’t seem to have the time or knowledge to understand what new philosophies, ideas, tools, etc. are out there, let alone figure out how they can be used in their classroom.  So I am the middle man.

Learning is my favorite thing!  Even when I struggle to keep up with the latest technology in education, I know that I am still way above the Testers.  Most of the time I am excited about reading/absorbing all that I can just to synthesize the information so that I can explain it to teachers who otherwise have no idea what is out there.    I am not one of the edubloggers that people subscribe to because they learn something new or innovative, I’ll find my place.  While I might get there one day, I simply am going to help my 120 teachers bit-by-bit catch up to speed with technology.  Finding time and willingness to listen to a new philosophy makes my job exciting and challenging at the same time.  As the great divide widens, I need to come up with a few things/ideas that I can focus on with teachers to help close the gap.  We have a new ePortfolio system that we will be implemented soon.  Maybe this will aid in my venture?


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