World Talk!

I wonder what would happen if we had a student representative from every nation in the world have one-on-one communication with a student from my school district.  I’m thinking 3rd grade (third-graders in our district study South Carolina state history, so expanding their state-centric knowledge would be a plus on the other end sharing the wonders of our own state and city) because of their ability to communicate in writing and other areas is just blossoming now.  I have about 240 students in those grades between those two schools.  What would be the purpose of this endeavor?  Why would anyone want to do this?  What would the students get out of it?  Part of me just wants to see what they create.  I’ll give them the platform, tools, and some direction as well as the contact for each student.  I’m interested in seeing the language and the talk that occurs between the pairs.  I’m hoping that besides the obvious social interactions in discovering and talking with someone who lives in a different place, that students may without realizing improve their writing and communication skills while gaining a new perspective of the world around them.  Chris Craft does something similar in his Life ‘Round Here project, but his asks for submissions with video, pictures, music, etc.  While this would be terrific if students communicated this too, I’m interested more in the conversation and how each subgroup or pair communicates over a year.  Do current events control the conversation?  What about fads?  How long does it take for the small talk to disappear and true friendships form?  As this evolves, I hope to have more ideas on how I will go about doing this and how to share this project with others to learn from it.  Can you help or do you want to be a part of this project?


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