Copyright Confusion comes to an end or does it?

National Constitution Center

National Constitution Center

I was able to watch the live broadcast via of the announcement and discussion about the NEW copyright code.  Using my Twitter contacts, I was able to join an online discussion with educators from around the country with the live presentation on going.  Interestingly enough, I am now working on a document that takes the new copyright structure (still trying to massage it in my head!) and makes it simple for students k-2, 3-5, and teachers to embrace and understand.  I have a collaborator on this who works in a similar position in New York.  Here is the link to the site to learn more about what I was a part of today.


Amazing!  A true professional development that we as educators need to get the word out on how to do this and how it can benefit us.  Can you see the benefits of this simple wiki pages with the ustream feed and coveritlive live blogging.  I tried it out yesterday with the 5th grade.  They had a marine biologist come talk to them and present in the theater.  The ustream took 30 min. to upload so it wasn’t as successful as I had hoped.  Setting up the wiki was easy.  I just embedded the code for the ustream and coveritlive on my wiki and there it was.


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