Mrs. Wendt

Dutch Fork Elementary – 3rd grade

Mrs. Wendt embraces technology in her classroom every day!  Whether it is creating an dynamic lesson on her interactive whiteboard or just using technology during a teachable moment for her students.  She is helping her students become transliterate!  The following is an example of what she has done with her class and writing using a free web-based site called gcast.

picture-012.jpg picture-011.jpg

“The focus and interest in authentic writing has grown tremendously in my class due to the incorporation of G-cast.  My students are more aware of the attention they give to their writing pieces, and how to make them stronger, because they know they will be sharing them on our podcast.  The enthusiasm they give towards their writing pieces is apparent and the appreciation for publishing and sharing their pieces gives them great ownership in sharing with friends and family.  G-cast is a teacher-student-friendly system.  I am able to conference with students in small groups while other students go individually to use the G-cast system.  I have students who are eager to sign-up and confer with me about their writing pieces because they are ready to publish new writing pieces or additions to old writing pieces on our G-cast podcast. For those students who are not ready to publish their authentic writings on G-cast, they are allowed to read from the book they are currently reading independently.  This has been a great way to promote fluency and articulation with their reading. Once students have heard themselves reading on our podcast, their backs stand a little taller and their shoulders a little broader…proud of the contribution to their learning they have made, all on their own.

There is a link on our webpage for students to visit and hear their podcast publications from outside the classroom setting.  They are able to share their classroom readings and writings with their family members at home.  Creating a link to live readings from instructional happenings in the classroom has allowed the parents in my classroom to celebrate their children’s work and has established great dialogue between the students-parents-and teacher. “

Spotlight on Technology:
The class composes a story, script or finds a poem or story excerpt they want to read.   The students then record this as an audio/podcast. Using the school phone or a cell phone, Mrs. Wendt then dials a toll free number and enters a password and students record and save their recordings.  The recordings are automatically posted on her website for anyone to listen.  You can also listen to her tell you about what she and her students did in class each day.

Number of computers and location:
1 computer and a phone (phone is not necessary, just a convenience; microphone or digital recorder needed if you do not have access to a phone.)

Length of project:
1 day (on-going)

How project supports student using technology to increase transliteracy:

  • Gcast provides a simple way for students to have access to technology
  • Promotes reading, writing, speaking, and listening for authentic purposes
  • Creates a larger audience to provide feedback

How technology is integrated:
For this project the computer or phone is used for the recordings. Gcast is used to publish the podcasts and a web page is used to embed the published work.

How technology has changed the way you teach:
Technology is a very motivating tool. This project has also engaged the parents to see and hear what students are doing.  Students can now show what they have done at school on a daily basis, without typing.  Now the question of what did you do in school today is easy, “Listen to my podcast or checkout my voicethread!”  It also allows the teacher to be the facilitator by giving ownership of the learning and podcasts to the students.  It opens the student to peer feedback too.


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