Google Certified Trainer

Google Certified Trainer

As a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer, I am available to train your employees, individuals, teachers, or staff members on all of Google Apps for Education.  In addition to Google Apps for Education, I can train you how to use other Google products (such as Blogger, Google Earth, Google Places, Google Analytics, Google Groups, Google Reader, etc.) that are relevant to your work, school, or goal.

I like to take the blended learning approach to training, providing you with both options of face-to-face and  live webinars/tutorials (which can be recorded).  Customizing each training is most important to me so that you learn what is most important for your needs.

Having been a classroom teacher for 12 years , I know what it is like to be a teacher and how to help you use technology for good to maximize student learning.  During my time as a teacher of students, I have also been training adults on how to integrate technology in the classroom.  This experience of training adults and teaching children has made me a better trainer attuned to the needs of both students and teachers.

More about my approach to Google Apps Training…

As a former classroom teacher, I expect, respect, and provide for different needs and levels of experience and comfort.  In the past, this significant issue has been addressed, in cooperation with clients, by providing multiple training opportunities geared specifically for users of certain experience levels or with certain needs that may be related to their roles in an organization, for example.  Also, by incorporating components designed to address varied learning styles within all sessions, differentiation is allowed for even among an otherwise like group in terms of skill-level or role.  My blended learning approach is also supportive in that it allows for learners of varied availability to access training.  Additionally, I feel I am particularly adept at making all learners feel comfortable and able.  Participant evaluations of my trainings consistently report this as one of my personal strengths.

Dedicated Training
I am a  full-time trainer Google Apps Trainer.  I am able to focus my time, energy, and efforts to specializing in the entire Google Apps suite.  I have extensive experience using and teaching others how to use the Google Apps suite, and have been doing so since it was first offered by Google.  I am particularly mindful of the ranges of organizational roles and contexts, and work to make Google Apps relevant, accessible, and manageable for all users.

Converting Users from other systems
I have experience guiding clients moving from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and GroupWise to Google Apps, for example.  Generally, on any transition project, my goal as a trainer has been to develop an understanding of the existing system (no matter what system) very well prior to the trainings, and I am willing and able to do so.  I then can help connect new Google Apps users with a framework that is familiar and address concerns or questions during their transition with attention to their previous experiences.

Types of training models
I offer customized training, including on-site, webinars, eLearning, printed material, and video tutorials, and am open to exploring other models that may be of interest to an organization.  While there is an increased prevalence in online learning contexts, I find that many people do still prefer face-to-face on-site training which allows for a high degree of personal guidance and support.

Generally, I specialize in a blended learning approach, meaning one that incorporates both face-to-face and online components.  In doing so, users are provided training opportunities that meet the needs of a wide, diverse audience with different roles in the organization and various levels of technology proficiency.

Meeting the needs of diverse learners
Typically, I allow for flexible interactions that will meet the needs of diverse learners.  I believe people must feel at ease in order to secure a maximum gain from any training opportunity.  While some may need to physically interact with an application, for example, as it is explored, others may need to take notes and listen, while still others may need to discuss and talk through their understandings.  Thus, I build in interactions that encompass these varied needs, including hands-on practice, time for questions and discussion, as well as direct teaching/training.  I have established a reputation as a patient and flexible trainer who demonstrates respect for and attention to the various roles and level of expertise learners have, as well as for the different types of interaction that support diverse learners.

My training can be as customized as the client desires and is able to support in collaboration with me.  Together, we can determine what will be the most valuable, efficient, and effective means of meeting the organization’s training goals, in terms of content, format, context, organization-specific application, etc.  All training and training materials are customizable in so much as the client is willing and able to provide the information and cooperation needed for me do so effectively.







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